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Earth’s Sexiest Heroes [Android]

As a SHIELD trainee, your routine involves daily visits to the academy. However, today is an exception. You have been called to report to SHIELD's central hub: the illustrious Helicarrier. Whether you choose to experience this as a female or male protagonist, embark on a journey of discovery into the daily workings of SHIELD. Embrace the responsibilities and challenges of an agent's life, which may involve interactions of a more intimate nature with fellow agents and heroes along the way.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.11.0)
Adds a bug reporter. This feature will automatically send bugs back to us so we can fix them.
Adds chapter 08 in the Female Route.
Adds a quest system – this will allow us to make quests easier and should speedup our development process.
Fixes some typos.
Fixes a text shown as thinking when in reality it wasn’t. Thanks to F95zone member ‘xanderhunter’.
Adds a collectible. You can find “Special Someone” scattered around the world.
Hint: Only in the Helicarrier at this moment.
Note: Soon there will be a gallery where you can view the pictures again.
Rating: 6.9/10
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