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Dreams Of Desire [Android]

v1.0.3 GOG DE Elite
In this narrative, you step into the role of the middle child in a household composed of your mother, an elder and a junior sister, and a father who serves in the military. With the close of the summer break fast approaching, the situation appears dire for the protagonist, as his father is set to return and whisk him away to the same military academy he once attended. Yet, our central character harbors no desire to follow in those footsteps. Just when the path seems predetermined, he discovers an ancient tome detailing the intricacies of mental mastery. Armed with this new wisdom, he sees a chance to redirect his destiny. The question remains: how will he employ this knowledge to alter his fate?

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.0.3 GOG DE Elite)
– Steam Deck Support and some changes, but since this is GOG, should be the same….
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