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Dreamland Wanderer [Android]

CHAPTER 4 v0.4.1
Introducing Dreamland Wanderer:
Hello, my name is [Redacted]. In this world, I am known as the Wanderer. I am one of the few survivors after the fall of civilization as we knew it. Life was dull and repetitive until a bizarre dream forced me to confront my darkest fear. Now, I navigate two realms – both as tangible as the other. Alongside companions I once believed were gone forever, I dedicate my days to mending old ties and pursuing a fresh purpose.

Battling fiends, gaining power, uncovering hidden locales, and sharing poignant moments with enchanting women... Although our tale has only just commenced, I am certain it's destined to be an extraordinary odyssey.

A Message from the Developer:
The inception of this project can be traced back to the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a time of introspection concerning my career path in IT management – a role scarcely associated with artistic expression. My dream was to craft a narrative abundant in levity and substance, steering clear of purely erotic themes. I found my muse in the incredible manga "Dreamland" by Reno LEMAIRE, and I was galvanized by notable works like Killer7's MyNewFamily, Selebus's Lessons in Love, and Syko134's Trouble in Paradise. These creators not only influenced my art but also my way of life. Consequently, this game won't cater to expectations of shallow conquests by mere flirtation. It is my hope that you'll delight in the game and I eagerly anticipate your thoughts on it!

This iteration offers roughly 5 hours of gameplay.
I must disclose that I was mastering the rendering engine amidst development, so expect to witness a gradual enhancement of scene quality as you delve deeper into the narrative.

Heartfelt Acknowledgments:
My gratitude extends to cuckoo4cocoapuffs for UI revisions, gloomyMoron for meticulous proofreading up to Chapter 2’s conclusion, GrogGuy for grammatical counsel, and Jhustrue for their prowess in Renpy animations.

On the Topic of NTR: Simply put, no.

Project QT
Changelog (CHAPTER 4 v0.4.1)
v0.4.1 Chapter 4
– 8 new events
– Around 1 hour of additional content
– 400 new renders
– 14 animations
– New songs and sound effects
Rating: 8.6/10
46 votes
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