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Drama In The Office [Android]

You work as a photographer at a modest agency, but you've always questioned how your boss manages to keep the business afloat since clients are a rarity. As you delve deeper into the narrative, a shocking truth emerges: the agency is merely a facade for his nefarious underworld dealings. With the guise of promising fame and stardom, he lures young women only to deceitfully ensnare them into prostitution or the adult film industry. Faced with this grim revelation, will you take a stand to rescue the victims? Or will you succumb to corruption and ascend the ranks to become a crime lord?

- If you choose the path of the detective, you're committed to rescuing the women and dismantling the malignant operation. As a hero, you'll offer them a place of safety and a chance to assist you in your righteous new venture.

- Should you opt for the life of a kingpin, you'll embrace the underworld and steadily climb its hierarchy. Your fate is to rule over the organization with a vice grip.

Please note that in the narrative of 'Drama in the Office,' there's an absence of non-consensual romance elements. While both paths include scenes that suggest groping, it's within your power as the protagonist to interrupt these acts. However, scenes involving sharing are exclusive to the kingpin pathway, where you have the choice to either partake or abstain from including others.

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