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Dimension 69 [Android]

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In the stand-out realm of Dimension 69, embody a typical high school student who unwittingly discovers the extraordinary ability to hop between dimensions! This power holds the potential to benefit the cosmos. However, instead of heroic deeds, you seem focused on romantic escapades. Using interdimensional travel to woo partners, including remarkably, a plant? Your priorities may be questionable.

Here’s What Dimension 69 Has to Offer Right Now:
- 8 Primary Characters
- 24 Narrative Events
- 17 Gallery Pieces
- 10 Extra Gallery Scenes
- A multitude of locations and dimensions to discover!
Stay tuned for a continuous stream of new characters and events.

Update Schedule:
Expect new adventures nearly monthly

My ultimate goal for the game includes:
- Expanding to over 100 Events featuring more than 20 Characters
- Exploring over 7 Vast Dimensions
- Exploring hundreds of Shop Items, from quest essentials to extra goodies
- Crafting a fully-realized story
- Introducing minigames that allow for in-game currency accumulation

  • Release:
Project QT
Changelog (v0.10)
– Added a few Alt poses for the new character sprites so that they don’t look all samey, might add more in the future when I get the time
– Switched out Poses where the character’s flip you off, because while it might’ve been funny, it didn’t really fit
– Added a button on the title screen that will notify you when there’s a newer update of the game than you’re currently playing! (Thank you NobreHD)
– Fixed bug with the UI at the top of the screen either disappearing or lingering around where it shouldn’t be
– Fixed multiple small bugs to do with Events, like missing backgrounds and wrong images
– Updated second Roxy event to not have weird compression artifact in the video
– Remastered Alex blowjob videos in her third event to show the actual inside of her sleeves (lol)
– Added random flavour text to working at the bar so it doesn’t get too samey
Removed console access
– Rabbit added.
Rating: 7.8/10
19 votes
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