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Deviant Desires [Android]

The game centers around a charity worker who aspires to achieve greater things, and your mission is to guide him to fulfill his lifelong ambitions. Alongside this, you'll be assisting several women with their personal journeys:

Christine: A school nurse who has grown disenchanted with her workplace. Your role will be to help her discover a new direction in her career.

Amanda: She sees herself as an up-and-coming model, but ever since the loss of a close friend, her life has taken unexpected turns. She's thrown herself into numerous activities, and you'll be tasked with helping to redirect her onto a more positive course.

Amy: Of them all, Amy is the powerhouse, relentlessly training to become an Olympian while simultaneously managing a secretive job that occupies much of her time. Your challenge is to uncover her deepest secrets and aid her in unshackling the weights she carries.

Sarah: Known for her free-spirited and open-hearted nature, Sarah has recently been behaving peculiarly around you. It falls on your shoulders to uncover the potentially troubling motives behind her recent actions.

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Project QT
Rating: 8.8/10
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  1. August 5, 2023 at 8:03 am

    a game where you fix everyone’s problems because being the captain Save-a-Hoe never gets old, right? cant wait to unlock the ‘White Knight’ achievement. 10/10 would pretend to be a better person again