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Desire Of Fate [Android]

Your country has suffered greatly, tormented by turmoil and the aftershocks of a devastating civil war that, over two decades ago, took the lives of many, including your parents, leaving you to navigate the world as an orphan. Your existence so far has been modest, first in a remote, forgotten corner of the land and then within the harsh, decrepit quarters of the city's underworld, as you strive to shape a modest future for yourself. Ambition has never been your driving force—yet, it appears destiny has grander plans for you. As the elite of the nation work to reestablish control and crown a new ultimate ruler, the trajectory of your life veers off into uncharted paths, placing you at the heart of a lethal contest for supremacy. Despite the enormous odds stacked against you, it's possible that a once impoverished orphan from the slums may rise to become the most influential figure in the land.

Project QT
Changelog (EPISODE 3 v1)
Episode 3 v1

Almost 650 new static images
14 new animations
This update mostly focuses on the story.  But still includes 3 sex scenes (Lilith, Lily, Vella)
Rating: 7.6/10
173 votes
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