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Desert Stalker [Android]

v0.15c Public
Set in a post-apocalyptic Egypt, the player embodies a desert stalker—a solitary warrior who wanders the sands and the relics of ruined cities, plundering ancient tombs and battling myriad dangers to salvage forgotten treasures and sustain their family. The journey is fraught with decisions, as the player must choose alliances among different people and factions, shaping a story with multiple endings. Throughout this adventure, players are assured an entertaining experience.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.15c Public)
– Updated Italian translation to 0.15c
– Updated Russian translation to 0.15c
– Added some bloody animation variants in Kateryna’s first time
– Fixed a corner case where if you met and denied helping the Mutants, some checks for reaching the end of current content would fail
– Fixed some missing icon markers for first time of Pepper and repeatable Hive scenes
– Fixed being able to sleep with Shani if you haven’t romanced her. The option should be disabled now.
– Fixed some noisy renders in d13l
– Added whipping sounds in Fairy’s broken scene
– Fixed various typos and grammar errors
Rating: 9.4/10
254 votes
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