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Demon Boy [Android]

The narrative revolves around a solitary young boy cohabiting with his "Landlady" in a modest flat. Historically isolated and a target of school bullying, he has few allies. However, his existence undergoes a radical transformation when he discovers a mysterious book. The path he is poised to journey down intertwines sensuality, affection, influence, and depravity, and it's certainly suited for those with a strong constitution. As the player, you are at the helm, choosing whether to yield to the darker temptations within or to uphold your human integrity.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.42)
– Some players were experiencing slow-downs and freezes during playthroughs. This should be fixed now.
– Corrected more spelling errors (including the previous Chapters).
– Corrected some spelling errors
– Fixed some issues with the Tooltip
– Fixed some continuity errors
– Added 725 renders
– Added 24 animations
– Added Nancy Route
– Added 4 new soundtracks to the game
– Added a notification in the right corner of the screen whenever you score points with a character
– The color of the character names in the stat box now changes depending on which route the player is on
– The tooltip now shows different information depending on which route the player is on
– I highly recommend starting a new game when you play this chapter because old saves will likely cause issues!
Rating: 9.2/10
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