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Delicate Taboo [Android]

Upon the main character's arrival in Lux City, the tide of his life began to turn. Escaping an abusive family, he sought refuge in a foreign land through a study abroad program. Initially an exchange student, he then became an au pair for the family that sponsored him, experiencing a typical yet progressively better life. However, as we meet the main character on his 18th birthday, he's presented with a myriad of new choices as he steps into adulthood, each with its own set of challenges and dangerous possibilities, shaping his destiny.

Temptation lurks as he faces choices that risk the close relationships he's built with his sponsor family and friends. Intrigue unfolds with the discovery of his role in a looming conspiracy connected to an ancient prophecy that could have catastrophic consequences for the world. Danger arises from various quarters including criminal, technical, and supernatural threats from powerful entities that want to manipulate or eliminate him.

In this interactive, "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" style story, the fate of our main character is in your hands! Your decisions will steer both the main character and occasionally his sponsor family through novel temptations. Your choices will chart the course of his romantic endeavors and the complexities they entail. Be cautious with your decisions, as some may lead to dire outcomes for our main character, while others might allow him to fulfill his potential—and possibly spice up his romantic life along the way.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.10.0.3)
– First official android release!
– ANDROID: Added toggle to align Choices boxes to the left, center, or right. Toggle setting in Options.
– ANDROID: Game pauses on all Easter egg hunts. Pausing allows mobile users to tap or drag finger on screen to locate hidden object. Game continues when object is found or when Skip button in lower-right is tapped
– Fixed bug which caused incorrect dialogue to display in MC/Lucy bedroom scene in Nana’s path
Rating: 6.5/10
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