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Culture Shock [Android]

Ch. 3 v0.1
The narrative revolves around the protagonist, who, fresh from high school graduation, sets out on the quest to pursue higher education. He is an average individual whose existence has been mundane up until this point. However, his world is turned upside down by a phone call from an enigmatic aunt, leading to a sudden familial relocation from their sleepy town in Virginia to the bustling, vibrant city of Honolulu at her behest.

This new setting proves to be a tropical idyll, far exceeding the main character's wildest imaginations. Yet the realization soon dawns on him that the transition to this splendid way of life comes with its challenges. To truly relish his surroundings, he must cast aside the remnants of his former self and fully immerse himself in the embrace of his newfound existence.

Project QT
Changelog (Ch. 3 v0.1)
840+ new images
40 new animations
day34 like ntr added and day35 beta both route and day35 alpha route
Rating: 9.2/10
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