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Corruption Town [Android]

Compelled to escape their home, Agnes and Henry find themselves in the imposing metropolis of Grimsburg, a city teeming with individuals harboring nefarious motives. With Otto, the proprietor of the Limping Duck tavern, lending a hand, they must fight to establish themselves in this unforgiving setting or be overwhelmed by it. Corruption Town offers a gaming experience focused on the theme of corruption, featuring gradual advancement that unfolds through interactive gameplay and predetermined events.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.4B)

Agnes bust no longer disappear after cleaning a table.
Blowjob require less mouth desire to be triggered (80 mouth desire, 70 cock desire)


Added CG for repeat market advertisement event (no new content).
Pantiless variation for the After Work Relief event.
Can no longer talk to a client, move, or clean a table when the shift is done.
Show desire threshold per interaction when hovering over the desire gauge.
Sounds are actually muted when the slider for a channel is set to 0.
CityEvents are correctly serialized and loaded.
Dialog’s callstack is properly saved for rollback.
Harmonization of some UI menus.
Updated bar tutorial.
“Purge Persistent Data” should now work.
Added a little cloth resistance buffer when it drops below 40 during the bar mini-game.
ChatLog now appears behind dialog HUD.
Satisfaction and Pleasure Gauge now appear in the drunk defeat state if appropriate skills are taken.
Typing the H key when the codeInputMenu is open will no longer hide the dialog HUD.
Lots of typos.
Boosty Integration
Saves that have a header shorter than the standard size are automatically deleted. (Corrupted)

– New Agnes event
– New Henry events
– Music and effect
– Recollection room for bar interaction
– Repeatable multi-stage Advertisement Event
– Pleasure Implementation (Still a bit primitive)
– New corruption system
– Pinch nipple / Lick nipple / Suck nipple interaction
– Removed the ability to add weakness to Agnes when starting the game, may be re-added later.
– Tornado now target in priority the clicked client
– Bodypart desire / sensitivies are reset if loading from 0.3 or prior version
– A lot of corruption goal have been removed since they become redondant with the new corruption system.
– Can no longer interact with the interaction container when the skill windows is open.
– UI updated
– Filter scene in the gallery by name
– Option to ask for confirmation on quick load
– A lot of bugfix/tweak/minor stuff that I don’t remember
And that’s it! Bye bye, take care.
P.S: Don’t forget to wishlist the game on Steam. (:
Cut Content
You may remember that the inn upgrade was planned for this update, but this took WAY more time than expected. This was supposed to be simple – just a few buffs for the inn when spending golds in a sort of upgrade tree. However, I wanted the upgrade to appear inside the minigame, and I ended up doing a graphical upgrade of how the inn looks like. I ended up in a rabbit hole of new ideas and scrapped prototypes. I iterated over a lot of different ways to present the inn (top-down, isometric, fully 3D, day/night cycle, dynamic lighting with prerendered background), but I wasn’t fully satisfied with any of them. So it’s not ready for 0.4, probably won’t be for 0.5, but one day it’ll be, and when it’s done, it will look really, really cool. I can guarantee that.
Update Size
This update is the same size as the other before, so expect ~30 minutes of content, maybe an hour if you want to see all the available interactions.
Save Compatibility
Saves from the previous version are compatible, although I’d recommend redoing the game from the start to experience the new corruption progression system. It’s a bit slower, but the progression feels smoother than the previous system that went from 0 interactions to all of them unlocked at once when you started to rack up corruption points.
Rating: 7.1/10
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