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Confined With Goddesses [Android]

"Confined with Goddesses" is a comedic tale influenced by the lighthearted side of hentai culture. Drawing from hentai/manga, adult manhwas, and a selection of adult games that I enjoy, this story unfolds.

The main character (MC) has a girlfriend and does not entertain thoughts of infidelity. Although he acknowledges that the women around him have an easy time arousing him, they are all in relationships, therefore he perceives no real threat.

The MC's objective is to take advantage of being amidst four women by endeavoring to gain a deeper understanding of what pleases them. He intends to achieve this through dialogue and observation, aiming to improve and become a better partner to his girlfriend.

Questions arise as the story unfolds:
- What will be the outcome of his experiences?
- Will he acquire his insights solely through conversation and observation, or will he engage in more?
- Might the women see in the MC qualities that they prefer over those of their current partners?
- Toward the end of the quarantine, will the desire to return to his girlfriend remain, or will his heart wander?
- Could it be that a new relationship is on the horizon for him?

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Changelog (v1.0)
– New events at the jacuzzi and the cooking! One for each girl, with another scene for each if you have your stats at max. Also, an extra option for Berry if you don’t like one option.
–  New little events when girls are Step 0 (new dialogue options) to increase the possibilities to get desire when you start the game.
– Some work on valerie’s final event, I do hope it’s gonna work better for those who had an issue with it.
– Rework of a few art and animations. Some scenes has changed from single image to animation. 30 Images, 8 New animations.
The new animations are: – Party with Berry Step 2 oral, – Berry’s first time with you during her events s*x, – Berry’s bed room Step 3 s*x, – Emma’s oral job during her event, – Emma step 2 at the backyard oral – Sarena step 3 at the backyard s*x – Sarena’s morning scene step 3 s*x – Sarena’s morning scene Step 1 HJ
Rating: 9.2/10
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