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Companion Of Darkness [Android]

Ch. 6
Three years removed from a harrowing event, you find yourself drawn back to the town of your upbringing. Moments before your arrival, you witness a harrowing clash between two mystical entities, locked in a duel to the death.
As if fate has cast its eye upon you, you are suddenly caught in the fray, easily subdued, yet instead of meeting your end, you startlingly awake in the comfort of your own bed, as if the night's events were but a figment of your imagination.
Could it have been merely a dream?
Life persists in its unrelenting march forward, regardless of your readiness. Alienation greets you as you navigate the once-familiar streets of your hometown, while a series of incomprehensible occurrences unfold in your midst.
Faced with mounting dangers that threaten those dearest to you, a choice lingers in the air - which lines are you prepared to blur? And you must ponder the ultimate sacrifice: is it truly worth surrendering your humanity?

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