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College Kings [Android]

Ep 4 v4.0.0 P1
As a naive first-year student at San Vallejo College, you have no idea what the future holds for you. The reality of adulthood quickly sets in as you become acquainted with the diverse cultures of your new home. As you forge alliances and navigate increasing conflicts, will you have what it takes to guide your fraternity to victory and secure your status as the reigning monarch of the campus?

College Kings

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Project QT
Changelog (EPISODE 2 v3.3.3 REWORK)
### Fixed
– Fixed Lovense Game mode not working correctly
### Added
– Added Cameron’s surprise scene
### Fixed
– Fixed Chloe’s bet not being properly tracked
– Fixed being able to infinitely talk to Chloe
– Fixed being able to infinitely give Amber sunglasses
– Fixed being able to infinitely give out shots
– Fixed being able to infinitely talk to Chris
– Fixed unusable donations pitcher
– Fixed being able to infinitely use the donations pitcher
### Removed
– Removed incorrect statement from the pathbuilder
### Fixed
– Fixed being able to infinitely talk to Sam/DJ
– Fixed being able to infinitely talk to Apes/Wolves
– Fixed Faris missing a pfp causing game crash, now default to Chloe pfp
– Fixed spelling of Elijah
– Fixed game crashing when making Penelope a margarita, or advising her to drink water
– Fixed game crashing upon loading save due to old Enums
### Added
– Added Sebastian scene
– Added Aubrey model scene images
– Added Aubrey sex scene images
– Added image to Chloe/Nora swimming race scene
– Added image to MC making drinks scene for Nora
– Added variables to avoid using the label history too much
### Changed
– Renamed an enum to avoid bad encoding
### Removed
– Removed unused images and label from Aubrey model scene
– Removed unused image from MC ape/wolf in bed scene
### Fixed
– Fixed DJBP Kiwii path
– Fixed Aubrey van scene continuity
– Fixed image continuity in Lindsey study scene
– Fixed image continuity in Lauren dorm scene
– Fixed image continuity in Penelope coin scene
– Fixed image continuity in Chloe pool hall scene
– Fixed MC’s profile picture being reset to default
– Fixed not being able to delete username in kiwii
– Fixed image continuity in Nora and Chloe pool race
– Fixed Penelope and MC switching sides in Penelopes bedroom scene
– Fixed Labels and brought them all in line with current label system
– Fixed image in Chloe/Aubrey bikini shopping scene
– Fixed Riley disappearing cup in Elijah pants scene
– Made sure anyone acknowledges what happened in the fight with Tom
– Fixed FWB Nora from episode 2 using the pathbuilder
– Used more appropriate variables for some situations
– Updated the pathbuilder
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