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Clockwork Poison [Android]

"Clockwork Poison is an immersive 2D sandbox game where players are thrust into vibrantly realized scenes populated with tangible models. The game weaves a compelling narrative, brimming with excitement, joy, rage, sorrow, triumphs, setbacks, vengeance, and above all, fervent passion and desire. As the sole male survivor of a devastating chemical strike on your town, you must unravel the mysteries behind the catastrophe, identify the perpetrators, and ultimately, chart your escape from the town."

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.0.1)
– Added Russian translation to v1.0 content
– Added a credits page at the end of the game with the name of the actresses (if you already completed it, you will see it by loading your game)
– Revised the prices at Kelly’s workshop
– Fixed a bug where some Kelly and Rachel’s events were triggered at the wrong time
– Fixed a bug where the third Rachel’s event could not be replayed
– Fixed some other minor bugs
– Fixed some typos
Rating: 5.9/10
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