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Champion Of Realms [Android]

In a realm shaped from chaos, the ancient deities sought to prevent a catastrophic clash amongst their descendants. To achieve this, they crafted three unique, time-bound realms for their children and assigned the vital responsibility of their progeny's survival to a singular entity known as the Champion. This Champion has safeguarded the dimensions for countless ages. However, mysteriously, the Champion has now disappeared.

The main character, despite his reluctance, finds himself compelled to engage in a perilous contest to determine who will become the new Champion, a decision that holds the destiny of all realms in the balance. Will he emerge victorious, or will the immense burden of destiny prove too overwhelming?

Fortunately, the protagonist is not alone in this daunting quest. A group of loyal and strikingly attractive companions stand with him. United, they face the most severe trials and indulge in the most exquisite joys. The journey is set to begin, beckoning you to join in the adventure.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.86)
New Main Story Events
Izanami New Event
Maribel New Event
Mini Event for Isabel
Blackjack minigame
Language Selector first play
Old Hub revamped
Tsukiko’s first lewd remade
Asmedia’s alarm remade
New house music
Grammar and Bugs:
At the code level, selectable menus, girl alarms and in some places the rollback problem have been improved.
The rollback function is still active, it should cause less problems especially in map areas.
Also the errors with the Locked Doors event with the translations works, I hope nobody will get again this problem.
Rating: 9/10
4176 votes
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