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Chains Of Pleasure [Android]

Your lineage has always been extraordinary, imbued with a peculiar gift for dominating the will of women and bending them to your absolute authority. With the death of your father during a police crackdown, you have become the last bearer of this ancestral power. Standing alone and with the assistance of your father's closest confidante, you face the daunting task of constructing a new stronghold to uphold the legacy of your family name.

Your father's methods, while undeniably effective, often clashed with your personal beliefs. Although your heart yearned for a different approach, you couldn't deny the potency of his philosophy. Cruel as it may have been, there was some truth in his way of thinking. Whether you will replicate his errors or succumb to your own ambitions is a choice that rests in your hands.

Assume the role of the sole heir to this 'exceptional' lineage. The immediate concern is a family that has been ensnared by crippling debt and is on the verge of losing everything. To prevent this dire fate, Leo is compelled to strike a bargain with Howard, a local gang leader and your late father's trusted friend. Your task is to subdue Jody's resolve.

Howard's terms are clear: he shall have his way with Jody for a week.

Howard has appointed you the challenge of subduing Jody's spirit within this timeframe to prove your capacity to operate independently.

What course will you choose? Will you break her spirit? Or will you claim her as your own?

- NINA -
Nina, a young woman whom Howard has coerced into living with you for a week.
This is your first encounter, and she is someone Howard considers exceptionally significant.

Though your stay is limited, Howard has expressly forbidden you from laying a hand on her. Will you abide by his directive, or defy his expectations?

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  1. May 19, 2023 at 10:37 am

    Woah edgelords, time to pack it up, we’ve reached peak degeneracy and it’s not even a full moon. This “game” reads like the unholy offspring of a rejected Wattpad submission and the psycho-sexual nightmare of a fedora-tipping incel. If cringe was a currency, you’d be the freaking Federal Reserve.