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Cape Caspry [Android]

Story Summary:
You step into the shoes of a young man in "Cape Caspry," a seemingly quiet small town he has moved to in the hope of starting afresh after the devastating loss of his parents. Checking into a local motel as a temporary residence, he plans to establish his new life. But it's not long before he observes peculiar activities unfolding at night, both throughout the town and within the confines of his temporary abode. As he becomes the new face in town, he realizes that the townsfolk are dismissive of his unsettling accounts. Undeterred, he resolves to dig deeper into the enigmatic occurrences in Cape Caspry.

Gameplay Experience:
Embodying the protagonist, you're granted the freedom to explore every corner of Cape Caspry. Your interactions aren't limited to the environment; the townspeople you encounter also provide rich, conversational experiences. While engaging with the city and its residents, you'll uncover a network of individual backstories that are intricately interwoven with the main narrative, adding depth and complexity to your adventure.

  • Release:
Project QT
Changelog (v0.1.5B)
– Onscreen questlog added
– cleaned up the Questlog in notepad and made it into a scrollable list
– added option to skip multiple days
– two new pages in the erotic magazine, unlockable by reaching certain thresholds
– resolved a few bugs and errors
Rating: 8.9/10
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