Brothel Megacorporation [Android] Download

Brothel Megacorporation [Android]

Epifania stands as an urban realm where wealth holds the key to all doors. Governed by a coalition of towering megacorporations, fortified private militias, and assertive trade guilds, this self-reliant enclave thrives on the currents of commerce and intrigue. As a figure fueled by lofty ambitions, you've journeyed to this notorious metropolis with dreams of carving out a fortune. Alas, you lack the familial connections of affluence and influence within its confines. Amidst this web of opportunism, only one individual sees the spark of promise within you: the enigmatic and widely talked-about Devil Investor. Fortuitously, she has a proposition at hand: revitalize a forsaken edifice and elevate it to the coveted status of Epifania City's premier house of pleasure.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.20)
-Rank A progression for Caroline (8 new training animations)
-6 unique porn and breeding specialisation events for Caroline
-Breeding specialisation training with the Doctor (Tutor)
-New Room interaction for Caroline (Breeding specialisation events)
-New expertise menu
-New STATS screen after promoting a Rank A courtesan
Rating: 9.1/10
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