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Braveheart Academy 2 [Android]

Congratulations, you've secured the coveted golden pass to the newly unveiled International Braveheart Academy! This virtual realm offers an extensive selection of female characters, each providing an opportunity for romantic adventures. Immerse yourself in a multi-layered story enriched with choices and conversational paths, showcasing both a central narrative and individual character events.

As you navigate the school's corridors, embrace the chance to partake in diverse interactions with the ladies. Your increasing rapport with these characters will gradually unlock additional experiences. The game's primary objective focuses on cultivating enduring romantic connections with one, or perhaps even every, character.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.3)
Updated Systems:
– A part-time job has been implement with events!
(Money is now earnable through working.)
– Meet N’ Yeet core has been completed.
(Lux now has different clothing options [No Scenes Yet])
Main Content:
– 2 New Main Story Events
254 Renders
– 4 Character Story Events (Ryuko, Hana, Miki, Zoe)
549 Renders
803 Total Main Content Renders!
Side Content:
– Orange Convenient –
28 Renders
Double Trouble?!
42 Renders
An End Of A Shift
15 Renders
A Storm Brews
35 Renders
– Hana Park Jeong –
46 Renders
– Zoe Williams –
57 Renders
– Miki Chia –
75 Renders (22 Animations)
– Step-Sister –
78 Renders (14 Animations)
Meet N’ Yeet:
Yae Miko added to Meet N’ Yeet VR.
70 Renders (39 Animations)
– Fixed opening VR in Neural Integrations/Other Menus
– Fixed Side Gallery Riley Bug not working until you had played his/her event.
– Fixed an instance of a character saying MC (instead of using the MC variable)
– Fixed Amelie BH2 Intro issue.
Rating: 9/10
13 votes
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