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Bound By Lust [Android]

v0.3.9.8 SPECIAL
Your journey begins when you make the choice to depart from your hometown and venture to Capital City, a metropolis rife with prospects and allurements. Among these, the most enticing is a blue succubus from another realm…

Just as you sense your life taking a turn for the better, you invoke her presence… she enters your world… and she becomes eternally tethered to you…
Anath, a succubus princess from a bygone age, along with her counterparts, found themselves exiled from your dimension due to a fierce dispute that had erupted between their kind and humankind. Prior to this turmoil, succubi coexisted peacefully with humans. To overcome human skepticism towards their kind, succubi showcased their abilities—not only the capacity to bestow pleasure, as many initially believed, but also the power to aid in construction, destruction, and conquest. To ensure the continuation of their lineage, succubi formed pacts to bind a human soul with a succubus, creating a spiritual connection. The humans in these pacts were deemed Guardians, individuals who could supply succubi with an endless wellspring of magic without endangering their own lives.
Yet, there was one succubus who found these contract-limitations unacceptable…

Project QT
Changelog (v0.3.9.8)
The protagonists in this update are Elena, Daisy, Dana and more…
-Something is happening inside the school, people are disappearing and it’s your duty to find them and bring them back.
-Many characters in the school received development in their story’s background with multiple choices and outcomes depending on your playstyle.
-Added multiple maps and characters.
-Big update on MC story.
-Three main events with over 90 unique animations and fetishes.
Rating: 8.6/10
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