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Between Humanity [Android]

"Between Humanity" immerses you in a prospective future that teeters on the brink of dystopia. The narrative is set a mere five years ahead, where you take the role of a protagonist who was once a regular student until a fateful day results in awakening in a hospital room, with the reasons for your presence there shrouded in the fog of forgotten memories.

Upon attempting to return to your everyday life, it's evident that something has shifted at its core. You receive an offer to move into your best friend's home, sharing living quarters with her and her family, including her mother and sister, who each harbor their own issues and personal battles. Surely, nothing could go awry with this arrangement?

Every choice you make in this world alters not only your path but also impacts the lives around you, shaping the fate of your friends and their families. The power is in your hands to decide which path you'll tread.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.1.5)

NEW: The game text has undergone a massive revision + there’s additional new lines! (You can now ask for translation templates over on Discord!)
NEW: Added some renders to accommodate the new and improved dialogue structure. 1 new winter special animation, 2 new sound effects.
NEW: Relevant stats can now be seen in Characters phone app visualized by a vertical bar.
NEW: You can choose between a couple of default colors for MC’s name after the intro.
NEW: Outline size slider for text and name label in the options menu.
NEW: Save naming (deactivated by default)
NEW: Sound for clickables and new clickables as well!
CHANGE: The endgame stat screen now has different pages for spicy stats – one for the current playthrough, and one for all playthroughs combined.
CHANGE: Gallery now only shows girls with special scenes.
FIX: Non-lesbian Amber scene would spawn a wild Alice when you just want to relieve yourself.
FIX: Most of the main menu videos were in 4K which would cause performance issues on low-end hardware.
FIX: Some larger animations from version 0.1.1 now use the AV1 codec instead of VP9, reducing their size.
And A LOT more of smaller fixes!
Big thank you at everyone for the ideas, bugfixes, beta testing the game and especially volf3n for proofreading everything!
Rating: 9.1/10
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