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Betrayed [Android]

"Betrayed" immerses you in an interactive tale where your decisions craft the path of the protagonist—you're the driving force of the narrative. Crafted using the Ren'py engine, the game showcases intricately rendered character models and settings, along with animations of mature content that come to life. To access previews of these animations, a minimum pledge of 1 USD on Patreon is necessary, in compliance with its guidelines.

Assume the role of a central character who, following a life-altering event, strikes a deal with the infernal to morph into a potent spectral entity, capable of inhabiting various non-player characters and amassing power progressively. This innovative element of "Betrayed" grants you the power to navigate the experiences of different characters, shaping your story across myriad possibilities. The backdrop of the adventure is a contemporary small town setting, where you can slip into various roles to explore romantic connections. Your adventure awaits—set forth now!

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