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Bastard Girls [Android]

As a seemingly average young man dealing with life's hardships, you've faced the loss of your father in a tragic car accident, while your mother passed away at your birth, leading to your placement in an orphanage until you came of age. Everything changes abruptly when you are mystically invited to attend a private academy. Upon your arrival at the Island, you quickly realize that the familiar normalcy you knew doesn't hold true any longer.

This game offers a bilingual experience, providing you the option to toggle between Spanish and English. Initially unfolding like an immersive graphic novel, it eventually transitions into an expansive open-world format. Here, the choice is yours to explore at will and determine the companions for your journey.

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Project QT
Rating: 8.9/10
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  1. October 15, 2023 at 1:31 am

    Wow, another ‘ordinary young man’ with a tragic backstory gets a mysterious letter to a school? What is this, Harry Potter’s spanish cousin ‘Haraldo Potter y el Orfanato de Los Plot Devices’?