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Apocalust [Android]

An inverted pentagram with its two uppermost points is seen as a sign of malevolence, calling forth nefarious entities as it disrupts the natural balance, elevating the physical above the spiritual. This emblem, likened to a lascivious goat challenging the heavens, is reviled by those who are enlightened.

You, a youthful and aspiring photographer, live a life of ordinary virtue, navigating the complexities of existence until a chance encounter with an arcane artifact endows you with extraordinary and mystical powers.

Equipped with these uncanny abilities, you struggle to return to the mundanity of your former life, yet the temptation to indulge in your own desires becomes overwhelming, the ancient relic's influence warping your will.

Struggling to maintain a facade of normalcy, you wrestle with the complication of various burgeoning relationships and the looming threat of hidden adversaries, whose intentions remain shrouded but potentially hold the power to strip everything from you.

Your allegiance is yours to define—whether you uphold righteousness, embrace malevolence, or tread a neutral path. The impact of your decisions reaches far beyond your personal circumference, reverberating through your small community, transforming not just your own destiny and connections, but the entire area and, ultimately, the world itself.

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