Ambition [Android]

Embarking on your college journey necessitates financial self-sufficiency, thus securing employment is essential. Once employed, your circumstances begin to shift significantly. Domestic challenges compel you to seek out a higher-paying position, although the job options available are unconventional. Your role demands not only that you earn a living but also that you provide for your entire household, a task complicated by the nature of your work. Faced with moral decisions, you have the power to either influence those around you negatively or nurture them with kindness. Your approach might be driven by instilling fear, or you might seek out more positive strategies. Ultimately, will you strive to maintain a comfortable existence or pursue the accumulation of wealth and authority relentlessly? The extent of your aspirations will determine your path. How far will you allow your ambition to propel you?

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  1. December 18, 2023 at 8:35 pm

    life’s tough, become a sociopath simulator 2023, now with extra guilt trips. just what I needed in between my existential crises and microwave meals