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Acting Lessons [Android]

The narrative revolves around your character, a man in his middle years with expertise in the cryptocurrency market, recounting the poignant tale of your encounter with Megan, a struggling young actress in dire need of assistance. Can you be the support she desperately needs and help her reverse her fortunes? Do you possess the charm to capture her affections?

Gameplay Mechanics:
The game is driven by the choices you make. You can customize the name of your avatar, and early in your journey, you have the option to align yourself with one of three distinct personality traits: Athletic, Charismatic, or Well-read. These traits will influence the course of the game, unlock specific pathways, and determine how other characters respond to your actions as well as shape their impressions of you.

The game maintains an element of mystery by keeping the relationship statistics concealed. At the conclusion of each chapter, you are provided with a breakdown of your decisions and an insight into how the characters feel about you.

While the core of the game is the unfolding romantic relationship between your character and Megan, the narrative expands to include other characters with whom you can pursue romantic involvement. Alternatively, you can also choose to cultivate a deep friendship with your best friend, Liam.

To enhance the gaming experience, the game is equipped with an array of music and sound effects.

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.0.0)
As of version v1.0.0, the game is complete, any future updates would consist of possible bug fixes.

Added Episode 8 that includes:
- 920 renders
- 32 animations (Extra material)
- 2 new songs
- 1 new sound effect

The complete game consists of >5000 renders, 217 animations, 61 songs and 30 sound effects.

-- Regarding old save files--
If you saved your game at the prompt in the end of v0.7.0 you can continue playing without any issues.

-- General changes --
Fixed a bug in Episode 7 where the final scene would show you something you didn't do. Won't write exactly what due to spoilers.
Minor changes to the story for episode 3-7. It's nothing worth replaying the game for or anything that will alter the experience of Episode 8.
Minor dialogue corrections.

-- Notes to Android users--
Old saves from v0.7.0 are located in this folder "Android/data/".
Please note that in order to use your old save file you must first copy your old save files from v0.7.0 to your computer, then uninstall v0.7.0 and install v1.0.0 and finally paste your save files into the same location as before ("Android/data/").
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