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Academy34 [Android]

ACADEMY34 is an immersive, story-rich erotic visual novel that redefines the genre with its heartfelt narrative.

Unlike the common offerings in the adult game space featuring disagreeable protagonists, our game presents a refreshing change. We've meticulously designed a world where players become genuinely attached to the story and its characters. You'll assist in their personal growth, foster relationships built on mutual respect and trust, and be welcomed into intimate moments through connection rather than coercion.

If that seems a tad too mild for your taste, you may actually find yourself charmed by the game's depth once you dive in.

In ACADEMY34, you step into the shoes of a new cadet at the esteemed Sentinel Academy—a training ground for future Agents committed to defending the world against dangers and malevolence. Despite its grandiose facade, the academy is really another elite institution brimming with youths searching for their purpose. As you cross the threshold of this academy, you're hit with the realization that perhaps you're not quite prepared to shoulder the responsibilities of an Agent. The noble call to service that once inspired you now competes with a different desire—the chaotic, exhilarating life of a student. Regardless of your readiness, your accidental adventures are already unfolding.

Throw yourself into the mayhem of student life, forge bonds with new friends and romantic interests, explore passion, and inadvertently unravel the mystery behind why a certain endearing girl carries a leash, sans pet.

Delve into melodrama, act as the confidant to an unstable hacker girl, win her heart, and perhaps engage in an act of love-driven defiance against the law.

Encounter new and imaginative ways to express love, ranging from conducting a summoning ritual in the parking lot, opening portals to infinite alternate realities, averting a global warming catastrophe, and more!

Project QT
Changelog (v0.21.2.3)
After multiple years making this story into one of the best pieces of content our game has to offer, it finally ready to go out with an appropriate BANG! To celebrate the occasion, we took some extra time to ensure the content you’ll get is the best one we can possibly deliver. Especially the animation! We are stepping up our game!
This is exactly the kind of climactic finale you would expect. Be gone cute schoolgirl looks, time to embrace the real Ava — the gamer goblin! The cave dwelling creature, hungry for your flesh! Or rather, only few particular bits of it.
As with any finale, we didn’t cut any corners, except for maybe the length. But honestly, there is simply no need to drag the story any longer. The true feelings have finally been revealed, nothing left to hide. Ava’s only true desire is to be worthy of your love, and she will do her damn best to earn it. This time — for real. No more schemes, or cheeky plots, only honesty and passion.
And she got a lot of passion.
Rating: 8.2/10
667 votes
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