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A.O.A. Academy [Android]

In June 2020, the month following your father's passing, you felt a profound emptiness. Your father had been the sole reason you remained in your quaint hometown. With his absence, you were at a loss for direction and purpose.

Your father's failing health had previously led you to make the tough decision to abandon your high school education, devoting your time instead to him and the family farm.

The town seemingly held nothing more for you, a sentiment that lingered until an unexpected discovery changed everything. A letter arrived, bearing the seal of A.O.A Academy—a prestigious institution that, to your astonishment, had accepted you. The puzzlement deepened, as you had never applied to any academy. Adding to the mystery, the letter included the contact number for Ashley, a friend from days long past.

Compelled by the promise of a new beginning, you resolved to embrace this unexpected turn of one's fate, forging a path toward A.O.A Academy.

Project QT
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