A Long Journey [Android]

The year is 2048, and the state of human existence on Earth is in a perpetual decline. Overcrowded megacities abound, fraught with peril, as the surrounding environment continues to deteriorate. In this bleak reality, the mighty Hawkink Tech corporation, with the support of government forces, has successfully crafted and dispatched the inaugural space colonization vessels towards life-supporting distant planets.

Amidst this backdrop, a promising young software engineer decides that braving the odds to become a colonist is his ticket out of the doomed planet. He seeks to pursue his vision of forging a brand-new society. However, fate intervenes, and he prematurely emerges from cryogenic sleep to find himself in the solitude of the colossal, drifting spacecraft.

His solitude is short-lived when he encounters another awake soul—an enigmatic woman adorned with fiery red locks, whose long isolation has left her embittered and afflicted. The question now is whether they can set aside their challenges and collaborate to escape their predicament, or if the reality of their situation is even more complex than it initially seems...

This is the preview for "A Long Journey."

Project QT
Changelog (v0.7.4)
– fixed trainstation event for moving to trainstation dance club
– fixed save file loading for open choice dialogues
Rating: 7.6/10
56 votes
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