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3yov [Android]

"3Yov is an engaging adult-themed visual novel, short for '30-Year-Old Virgin'. The narrative unfolds in a world where turning 30 as a virgin bestows magical powers upon individuals, gifted by a mystical familiar during the night. The plot centers on the protagonist at this pivotal juncture, as his life takes a dramatic turn. He must master his newfound abilities, navigating the lascivious hijinks that accompany them. Shortly after this transformation, our main character is recruited into the Virgin League Defense Force, where he allies with other virginal wizards. Together, they strive to protect Earth from dangers both terrestrial and extraterrestrial. Throughout his journey, the protagonist encounters an array of characters, from earthlings and aliens to beings from alternate realities, many offering opportunities for romance or risqué interactions."

Project QT
Changelog (v0.27)
0.27 brings in a new girl to the roster, Rain the feisty little devil. Our mc somehow gets tasked with babysitting over a denizen from the underworld.
Also the continuation of Nemfs story line with Temptation. Rapun’Zeal gets suspicious as her friend is acting strange leaving at nights.
A big focus of 0.27 is Stealth level 2. After completing a series of training to unlock the new skill, our mc now has the ability to go much further with his night time sneaking around the house visiting his sisters and moms rooms.
Also a new smaller area is unlocked, the temple where our main character will spend his time training his level up for Stealth level 2.
Added a spiffy new intro I am still working on fine tuning and fixed a ton of dumbass errors and mistakes I made.
Rating: 5.5/10
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