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World After War [Android]

You take on the role of Jack, a youthful geek who's also a virgin, finding himself awakening within a military installation nestled within a mountainous NRF (Nuclear Refugee Facility) – a sanctuary designed for dignitaries and government officials. Amidst the ruins of a global conflict that has devastated civilization, you find yourself as the leader of a group composed of yourself and five stunning women. Your responsibilities are vast: maintaining order within the facility, venturing into the outside world to gather essential supplies, and ensuring a steady provision of water, food, and power. Furthermore, it's imperative to enhance your base to ensure the comfort and happiness of your companions, as well as to repair and construct robots that will aid in resource acquisition. Delve into research to unlock new advancements and technologies, all while striving to persevere in this post-apocalyptic landscape.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.88)
– A little progress on the “Saving a Ghost Reaper” quest.
– A little progress on the “Angelicare” quest.
– Conclusion of: “Rude girl” quest [Big tits pill Path].
– 06 new pictures in the Gallery with NTR – Men content.
– 06 new pictures in the Gallery with Cat pill content.
Rating: 7/10
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