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Wolf Complex [Android]

"Wolf Complex is an adult-oriented simulation game designed for audiences over 18. Players take on the roles of Ezio and his sister Margaret, who are peculiarly endowed with animal-like ears – a feature not shared by the ordinary populace. Margaret carries a sense of self-consciousness about this unusual trait. Meanwhile, her brother, despite being utterly clueless, makes attempts to assist her in overcoming her insecurities. Ezio's bizarre and inexplicable obsession with his sister paints him as a despicable character, though it's possible that there's more to him than meets the eye."

Project QT
Changelog (v0.9.1)
-Added scene gallery: Now you can see the gallery in the internet menu, you can repeat the sex scenes whenever you want, but you need to unlock them first by seeing the normal scene 1 time.
-Added vacations: you have 15 days of vacations, where you don’t need to go to school.
-Added 4 story missions.
-Added new sex scene: Apron sex, unlock it by following the story.
-Added new sex scene: Working doggystyle, unlock it by following the story, this scene contains a variant that is part of story, to unlock it, just repeat this scene until maya catch you and start the alternative scene, this is random, so maybe you need to do it multiple times until the event triggers.
-Added new sex scene: Double blowjob (Maya), unlock it by following story, after completing the working doggystyle scene.
-Added skip scene option: now you can skip to next scene or go back to previous scene during sex scenes. -Fixed some bugs, and translation corrections. That’s all for the moment!
Rating: 8.3/10
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