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Wifey’s Dilemma (Revisited) [Android]

This game is an enhanced reboot of "Wifey’s Dilemma," featuring a wealth of new upgrades and functionalities.

In this interactive story, the protagonist enters a marriage of convenience with a friend to prevent her deportation, a woman for whom he once harbored unspoken feelings. Now, as her husband, the possibility of romance hangs in the air.

The narrative unfolds from the perspective of this young man, who encounters various women with whom he can forge deeper connections.

His influence on these women is contingent upon his own attributes, which evolve as he advances in the game, augmenting his persuasive prowess.

Central to this is the accumulation of Love Points, which determine the degree of closeness between the protagonist and each woman.

Influencer System

The Influencer System allows the protagonist to shape the affections and dispositions of his romantic interests. The inaugural influencer, Lee, is introduced as a paragon of elegance, loyalty, and kindness.

Through the game's progression and the player's decisions, the protagonist can cultivate friendships and orchestrate interactions between his love interests and influencers. This mimicking of traits can even extend to aesthetic preferences, from elegant sophistication to daring fashion, depending on whom the love interests are influenced by. Affinity Points with an Influencer will increase, fostering the imitation of their attributes.

Affiliation System

Upon commencing his career, the main character must select a political affiliation for his company. The PDC grants a statistical enhancement conducive to Love Points accumulation and influential capacity. Opting for USF unlocks the "Snoop" ability, allowing the character to engage in physical or technological surveillance. Each option tailors to different playstyles, yet for those seeking a complete NTR (netorare) experience, USF might be preferable.

Additional features include:

Full Renders:
Future installments will abandon the use of sprites in favor of complete renderings.

Love or Loathe NTR:
Players can toggle their preference for NTR content at the game's start.

Gallery Viewer:
Revisit cherished scenes with the Gallery Viewer function.

Achievement System:
Collect achievements to unlock extra scenes, including some challenging ones.

Witness the transformation of your love interests in various compelling ways. Will you lead them towards corruption, or will you maintain their grace and innocence? The choice is yours.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.40)
Continued Katie/Jamal route
3 scenes for each route (non NTR, soft NTR, hard NTR) with 1 alternate scene for Snoop ability.
Wifey will have a special gift in this update! (Physical change)
For Soft and hard NTR routes: You’ll be able to acquire a new trait for Wifey: Snowbunny Initiate!
Other changes:
Dialogue fixes, thanks to DD!
Continued Katie/Jamal’s route. In this update, Wifey has stumbled into a predicament working for Jamal. There seems to be a gang war, and she might be in danger! Based on the PC’s choices, different things will happen.
Non NTR: Wifey stays with PC, and Jamal apologizes.
Soft NTR: Wifey stays with PC, PC comes to get Wifey after work.
Hard NTR: Wifey stays with Jamal, PC has to visit Wifey at work.
3 scenes, and 1 variant scene if the PC has Snoop.
Other changes:
Bug fixes. Also fixed Hardcore mode on Jamal/Katie Path so PC can sort of fight for her and regain love points (The PC will always fail on the hardcore path, gaining points is just an illusion of progress.)
Rating: 7.5/10
291 votes
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