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Wet Sand [Android]

Some argue that the age of piracy shouldn't be glamorized, as pirates were notorious for their cruel and felonious ways. Granted, yet can't we acknowledge the enduring tales of passion and bravery from that era? Prepare yourself, for I'm about to unravel such a narrative. There are moments when destiny nudges you onto an unexpected path, which might turn out to be the greatest journey of your life. Our protagonist sought to carve a place in the world, yearning for prestige, authority, and wealth, but life took a tumbling turn. Had it not been for serendipity, he might have been doomed to a grim fate of begging in the streets, but it seems the old deities had alternative plans...

If your spirit longs to engage in thrilling naval combat, to encounter both charming and vile characters, to hunt for hidden treasures, and to step into the boots of a fearless buccaneer – then welcome aboard!

And when it's all said and done, with the cool surf lapping at your toes and your gaze stretched towards the distant horizon, ponder this – could this tale hold a touch of destiny for you?

Wet Sand

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Changelog (v0.4)
Image Gallery
You asked – we listened! There is now a gallery section in the game menu, where you can see open artwork in multiple poses (double click and if the scene was with a change, the next pose will open). There will also be animated images inside! Now it will be possible to control the process of getting scenes, to understand what has been opened and what is not yet. Each scene has an original name for easy search.
10+ new backgrounds
The story continues and you will find yourself in brand new locations (of course, not counting our “base” in the form of a ship…. although there will be something new in it too). We tried to hide the location of the second chapter throughout the previous news. I wonder if we succeeded.
25 new full art and 18+ art
The chapter turned out to be bigger than the first and the number of both 18+ and regular artwork has increased. There are now a lot more horny moments in the game (and more to come!)
5 minigames and puzzles, as well as new game elements
We could have kept the mini-games from the first chapter, but we thought that would be too boring, so we made something completely different for you! We tried to tie the gameplay of the minigames to the story and logic of the game, so try it out and see how we did it.
2 to 3 times more text and content than chapter 1
This wasn’t originally planned, but a flight of fancy and a desire to add as much interesting stuff as possible did the trick. The second chapter has twice as much text as the first chapter. As we have already written, it doesn’t mean that we tried to stretch the gameplay in this way – there are more artworks and different situations!
New mystery characters to interact with
In the past we’ve had little contact with anyone other than the crew, so we need to make up for lost time! You will meet other creatures on your journey to treasure and glory!
New Music
Background music is meant to emphasize and direct the mood of the scene, and since you’ll have to go to new places, the music will be new!
Sprite Update
We have expanded the number of emotions for the characters, redesigned Ms. Brown and our elf prisoner. You will also see visual changes in the appearance of the rest of the girls 😉
Easter eggs
We are big fans of movie-book-game geek culture and have scattered for you various references to our favorite (and probably you too!) movies, TV series, games and books. Try to find them all!
The volume of the story is growing and with it new achievements. As we said in previous developer diaries, some of them will be compulsory – to record progress, some of them will be tied to relationships with characters (friendship and romance), and some of them will be not so easy to get….
Some bugs were reported from players, but the difficulty was that we couldn’t reproduce these bugs on any device. Still, we made a lot of efforts and fixed the bugs of the inventory crash, fixed a couple of logic bugs and we hope that you will continue to point out the bugs so that we can fix them together and the final result will be a quality game!
We recommend to start a new game to study all the content – it will allow you to remember what was in the beginning, build relationships with characters and avoid possible bugs.
We are still working and trying to stick to the roadmap, but after the release we will have to think about the size of the third chapter and the term may increase in proportion to the new content (or stay the same, but the chapter size will decrease). We really need feedback from you – the players. Please leave feedback, write what you liked and what you didn’t like. There are three more chapters to go and maybe your suggestion or criticism will make the game much better! Have a tailwind and enjoy the game!
– new mini-game with Benno
– new romanceable female character (dark elf)
– several new hot scenes (16+)
– almost twice as much high-quality text than in the previous version
– gorgeously illustrated battle scene with the thug ship
Rating: 8.5/10
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