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Welcome to Erosland [Android]

A man on the cusp of 30 resides in a world far ahead of our time, begrudgingly toiling away at a job he finds no joy in, overwhelmed by the monotony of his daily life. However, a twist of fate arrives in his inbox one day—a message from a mysterious sender offering an unexpected revelation.

The email outlines a grand inheritance from a heretofore unknown grandfather: a vast sum of money and ownership of an entire archipelago. Skeptical at first, he soon realizes the inheritance is no hoax.

Upon his arrival at the island chain, he's greeted by a stunning woman who confirms his new title and status, "You are now the owner of this realm, Master..."

As Eros begins to settle into his unexpected new life, he stumbles upon an enigmatic high-tech device—a discovery set to transform his existence even further.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.0.11)
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