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Weird Shit Is Going To Happen [Android]

You experienced a profound tragedy approximately a year ago when you were involved in a car accident that resulted in the untimely passing of your parents, with you behind the wheel. Thankfully, you have physically healed from the incident. As time marches forward, you find yourself in an altered landscape; the company where you were employed has since shut down, leaving you struggling to secure a new job. Financial pressures weigh on you as you are still responsible for repaying the loans taken out to cover your parents' funerary expenses and the costs incurred from the accident. Amidst the financial strain and as your monetary reserves dwindle, an unexpected letter from your distant grandmother lands in your possession. It signals the onset of some rather extraordinary and unforeseen events.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.7)
major code overhaul and qol changes
changed and added several settings in preferences
redesigned the quick menu (can be switched to the old one in preferences)
added a hint system (can be activated at game start, or at any time in preferences)
several new “notes”
overhauled the notes system and added a few things
roughly 1000 new images
19 new Animations

– roughly 1300 new images
– 27 new animations
– there’s finally music and sfx
– some new functions and code changes
– reworked the style of the “notes”
Rating: 7.3/10
140 votes
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