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Vow Me, Faeries! [Android]

In the game, you take on the role of Gustav—an alterable name—who is a mage with a mysterious background. Although Gustav's origins are unknown, he has received rigorous training from Mavis, an incredibly powerful mage, and shares his living space with a roommate named Lucy. Gustav's life is typically tranquil, and he seldom ponders the deeper nature of his surroundings. However, his world begins to shift as bizarre events unfold, demanding a grave and responsible approach—qualities that Gustav is currently discovering within himself.

Yet the experience isn't solely steeped in enigma; romance and humor are also woven into the fabric of the game. As new characters are gradually introduced for players to interact with, the narrative includes love interests and comedic moments. Additionally, the game doesn't shy away from incorporating elements of H, which many players find enjoyable.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.55)
+3 new event (Mirajane & Lucy)
+ story mode
+ 1 Animation
+ 5 new Scenes
Total of 18 new images.
3000+ words
3+ bugs fixed at the Act 1 and 2 others at the Act 2!
Starting ACT 3!
From now on, each version will advance +5 into the game’s version number! (0.50 to 0.55, and so on…)
Rating: 9/10
52 votes
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