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Void’s Calling [Android]

"Call of the Void" is an immersive sandbox game that places a strong emphasis on player choice, with each decision having the potential to significantly alter the narrative's direction. The expertise we gained from developing our initial game will be fully applied to this new endeavor. While the game remains narrative-focused, players are granted the freedom to explore and interact with the game's world at their discretion. Regarding visual fidelity, you may have observed a consistent enhancement over time since our last game, and I continue to advance my skills in this area. As for the adult content, expect scenes that are on par with or exceed the quality of those in our previous work. "Call of the Void" represents a reimagining of our concepts, embodying a fresh venture that maintains our signature commitment to quality and artistic expression.

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Project QT
Changelog (Ep. 2 v1.1044 + DLC)
Ep. 2 – 1.1044 + Last stand DLC
Patreon Release Notes
Episode 2
– 587 renders replaced with better ones
Last Stand DLC
– 40 thousand words,
– 1700 renders
– 40 animations.
Rating: 9.3/10
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