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Unseen Instincts [Android]

"Unseen Instincts" chronicles the saga of Detective Nicole Bardot, a female lead on a daunting mission to capture a prolific serial killer terrorizing the metropolis of Odessey.

The city is reeling from a sequence of savage killings – five individuals have met their demise in a barbaric fashion, leaving the local law enforcement in turmoil. The perpetrator remains elusive, shrouded in mystery without discernible reasons, leaving no trail. At the heart of this chaos is Detective Nicole, whose remarkable intellect and striking allure are matched only by her tenacious determination. As Nicole and her fellow officers embark on a treacherous hunt, the question arises: will they succeed in their quest for justice, or will Nicole find herself ensnared in a complex maze of treachery? Step into Detective Nicole's world to discover the outcome.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.30)

v0.30 patch alone contains 420+ FULL HD renders, excluding renders for animations. Including them, you have a total of 900+ renders.
1500+ Script lines.
Four new FULL HD animations. One cinematic and three lewd animations.
Five new Achievements. These when unlocked give you Four special renders as rewards.
Two new replay gallery scenes.
Feedback is much appreciated.
Rating: 7.4/10
82 votes
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