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Trouble In Paradise [Android]

PART 2 v1.5
You and your sister have embarked on an academic adventure in Paradise City, filled with anticipation and excitement as you both begin a new chapter together. The campus is welcoming, the students are amicable, and there's no denying the attractiveness of the city's inhabitants. Initially, all seems perfect, until a singular event at school alters your destiny in ways you never anticipated.

"Trouble in Paradise" is an engaging, free-to-play Adult Visual Novel developed using the Ren’Py platform, featuring visuals from Illusion's Koikatsu game. The narrative unfolds through a rich tapestry of distinctive personalities, each bringing their own flavor to your student life experience. Immerse yourself in a world ripe with friendship, romance, intrigue, and an ample dose of adult content.

The game boasts:

- Vibrant 3D, Anime-Style graphics with fluid animated and uncensored mature scenes.
- A plethora of diverse backstories and potential developments for a majority of characters.
- A wide array of fetishes to explore.
- Story branches that pivot according to your decisions throughout the gameplay experience.

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Project QT
Changelog (PART 2 v1.5)
Part 2 v1.5
-> 400+ new images
-> 0 new animations (No lewd scenes this time. Sorry!)
Rating: 8.6/10
488 votes
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