Tongue kissing Specialization My girlfriend’s here for a visit [Android] Download

Tongue kissing Specialization My girlfriend’s here for a visit [Android]

Let's shower her with plenty of hugs.
It's been some time since her last visit to my room.
I ponder whether she'll desire my company endlessly today—it's challenging. This can be experienced on both PCVR and a standard PC desktop.

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Project QT
Changelog (v2.00)
Skin color can now be selected from three different colors.
NPC hair and skirt physics are now more realistic.
Player’s head and hands no longer penetrate NPCs.
Added MetaQuest exclusive MR feature.
Renewed mosaic to its own standard, which now works in MetaQuest standalone, thus improving MetaQuest’s frame rate.
Changed the control method for VR to move with the analog stick.
Changed the operation method for desktop. Now you can move freely with WSAD even when in desktop.
Improved NPC’s animation when French kissing in the cowgirl position.
Changed some of the materials.
Some minor fixes.
Rating: 9.6/10
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