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Tome of Lust [Android]

"The Tome of Lust" is a story centered around Julia, a naive young lady wrongly confined behind bars. Within the confines of her prison cell, she stumbles upon a mystical book imbued with the power to bestow incredible magical abilities upon her. As the narrative progresses, you'll guide Julia in navigating the perilous environment dominated by barbaric fellow inmates and heartless wardens. Your ultimate goal is to aid her in enduring these harsh conditions and, eventually, to succeed in her daring escape to freedom, where she can pursue retribution for the injustices she has endured.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.5d)
General changes
– Add a help scene for the HUD icons (quest icon, skill icons, …)
– The game now has official walthrough. v0.5d official walkthrough is here
– The game now supports Android, which I will include an APK release for every new version from now on.
Gameplay changes
– Add a pre-intro greetings scene mentioning artwork redo for better consistency.
– Add specific numerical details for each sex skills and magic skills. You can now view the exact stamina/mana cost and the output pleasure damage at each level. This information is available in the tome skills/magic menu.
– Rework the orgasm lock skill to be more useful (right now it’s pretty much useless) + Now you can enable orgasm lock at any turn, for free (no cost). You can also instantly turn off the spell when it’s your turn. + If you’re supposed to reach orgasm, and you have orgasm lock on, the spell will reset your pleasure back to a certain percentage (level dependent). + Every time you avoid orgasm, you lose certain amount of mana (level dependent). If you don’t have enough mana, then you reach orgasm and lose the spell protection for the rest of the turn. + Orgasm damage (when you don’t have enough mana) is dependent on how many orgasms you avoided during orgasm lock. More avoided orgasms means higher stamina damage when you reach orgasm. + There’s a text in battle log showing how many orgasms you avoided.
– Lower the pleasure requirement when trying to please enemy during encounter minigame.
– Change encounter minigame and cleaning task to use icons showing the letters instead of colors to make the minigame easier.
– Increase number of allowed potions use per turn in battle from 2 -> 4.
– Make NPC bosses stronger than before. NPC bosses now have more stamina + max pleasure compared to a normal enemy:
+ Geogre: 1.25x -> 1.5x normal enemy
+ Shawn: 1.35x -> 1.6x normal enemy
+ Lucas: 1.4x -> 1.7x normal enemy
+ Steven: 1.4x -> 1.8x normal enemy
+ Wesley: 2x -> 3x normal enemy
New content
– New location men toilet. This location can be unlocked after completing the cleaning quest “Tidying troubles”.
– New location alchemy lab with new NPC Wesley. This location can be unlocked after completing the new cleaning quest above.
– New game mechanism: crafting. Crafting is required to complete quest 8 quick and efficiently.
+ New set of cleaning items that you can obtain and mix to produce new items using the new crafting mechanism.
+ New crawling pose with dildo and double dildo.
– After cleaning quest, you can now repeat the toilet cleaning activity as a side quest.
Secret alchemy recipes (Patrons only)
– Add 2 new cheats (cheat code stays the same as other v0.5 releases):
+ Super regen: you regenerate 20% max stamina and 25% max mana per second while not in battle.
+ Skip battles: you automatically win all battles.
Bug fixes
– Fix a bug when encountering nerd gang that prevents you from targeting one of the member.
– Fix cleaning chemicals to be excluded from battle. Right now using them will crash the game.- Fix a dialog bug (wrong face) for cleaning quest.
– Fix quest menu being available during tutorial, which can lead to accidental clicking and cause confusion.
– Fix a bug that causes inmates to have whip. Only guards would have whips now.
– Fix a bug for telekinesis that can’t pull/push through certain empty paths.
– Fix a bug that causes game to stop working when paused and reloaded in the middle of a cutscene.
Rating: 9/10
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