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Time Implosion [Android]

Accusations of murdering Melissa, a fellow student at your new high school, are suddenly thrust upon you. Before you can fully grasp the situation, you meet your own untimely death. Yet, this is not where your tale concludes. A cryptic figure intervenes, sending your spirit back in time and granting you a chance to alter the course of events.

The game is designed with a unique progression mechanic that revolves around attributes which are retained throughout successive "loops." Each repetition of the timeline enriches the narrative, unraveling hidden truths and unlocking alternate pathways. But the constant repetition of the same week exacts a heavy emotional toll on the protagonist, whose personality starts to warp; ethical boundaries blur and rational thought begins to fracture in favor of cold efficiency and emerging insanity. You must navigate these challenges and choose whether to conquer the psychological strain or be consumed by it.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.14)
Continued the story from where it left off, adding around 170 new renders and over 1000 lines of script.
Rating: 7/10
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