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Embark on a captivating journey through six episodes of desire, intrigue, and tangled destinies in the Caribbean.

Three distinct lives are on a collision course in this steamy narrative: a cutthroat London financier hungry for success, a resilient Danish Olympic swimmer ready to fight back, and an ambitious young Cuban determined to escape poverty. Their paths intertwine in a tumultuous saga of romance, conflict, duplicity, and animosity. Uncover the complex web of their interactions in this enthralling visual novel filled with unexpected turns.

Episode One introduces James, a seasoned hedge fund manager from London. Seeking a fresh start, he relocates to the Bahamas to launch an offshore service firm. His wife, Claudia, shares in his enthusiasm and joins him in the business. Despite the tropical allure, Claudia soon finds herself restless. When Andrew, James' charming local business partner, takes an interest in her, a seemingly innocent flirtation unfolds. But as tensions mount, James must keep a vigilant watch over both his enterprise and his marriage.

In Episode Two, we track the journey of Eva, the Danish swimming prodigy whose prowess propels her to Olympic gold. Earning fame and glory, she's invited to the Bahamas to establish a training center with her mentor-cum-spouse. Their dream life quickly sours when Eva discovers his infidelities with his trainees. Faced with betrayal, Eva's response is uncertain. How will she tackle this challenge?

Episode Three shifts the focus to Orlando, a Cuban graduate of the San Esposita School of Hospitality and Tourism. Starting his career in Havana, he rapidly lands a hotel job, only to find himself entangled in a scandal due to his fascination with older women. Escaping to Nassau, he resolves to break his pattern. Yet, his attraction leads him into similar predicacies even in his new environment. Orlando's tale is a testament to the complexity of human nature and the consequences of desire.

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