Therapy [Android]

Part 3.4
I am currently developing a kinetic visual novel titled "THERAPY," which delves into themes of gradual moral decay and the erosion of personal ethics experienced by the main character, Jeannie. She is a woman in her twenties grappling with a period of deep dissatisfaction in her role as a content creator and partner. Amidst doubts about her life choices and the lost opportunity of a medical profession, Jeannie turns to a female therapist, seeking solace and improvement. However, the therapist harbors ulterior motives, subtly manipulating Jeannie through hypnosis, leading her down a path of degradation. As Jeannie is transformed against her will, the therapist's ambitions grow, revealing a desire to ensnare Jeannie's social circle in this sinister web.

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Changelog (Part 3.4)
Update 3.4 has 256 images and 118 animations.
Rating: 7.1/10
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