The Last Necromancer [Android] Download

The Last Necromancer [Android]

Following the ascent of the Holy Templars, the world has gradually fallen under the shadow of creatures called Wildspirits. In the wake of a harrowing event, the protagonist is thrust into a realm filled with sinister magic and brutality. Wield arcane spells to vanquish your adversaries and harness the arcane art of Necromancy to manipulate their lifeless bodies to your will, all in a desperate quest to salvage the world in the role of The Last Necromancer.​

  • Release:
Project QT
Changelog (v3.5)
-New story, short part
-Added new characters
-new title screen image
Potential errors:
-memory is not being loaded correctly which may lead to several characters potentially having the placeholder sprites still.
-The Mobile Port might not work, let me know if it doesn’t I’ll see if I can make a working version.
Rating: 7.6/10
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