The Forest of Love [Android] Download

The Forest of Love [Android]

Embark on an adventure with our endearing red panda hero as he encounters various creatures and embarks on a journey through the enchanting Forest of Love. Can this place truly be as heartwarming as its title suggests? And might there be hidden secrets within the forest that are yet to be discovered?

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.34)
The whole game’s been rewritten under the hood! Everything should run smoother and use less system resources.
Savegames do not transfer! BUT you can use Chapter Select to jump ahead, and there are cheat codes to unlock sidequests in the Pause menu. For now, all chapters are automatically unlocked for easy access.
This build (v0.34) has all official content up to Melody’s Photoshoot in the Act 3 storyline, and Maverick’s Side Hustle (the cum spa) on the sidequests storyline. 0.34 should match our 0.33 build, plus rewritten source code and a bunch of bugfixes.
You can now skip ANY dialogue! (Except Mabel during the plant minigame.) You can also skip with gamepad by longpressing [X]
We tested the game thoroughly, but there’s a TON of content that follows special rules, as well as content that can be played in any order.
Rating: 8.1/10
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