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The Fixer [Android]

"The Fixer" is an adult-oriented visual novel with elements of a life simulation game. Players step into the shoes of the main character, Samantha, who operates as a Fixer, tasked with discreetly resolving the various “problems” faced by her employer. Her assignments range from untangling issues of industrial sabotage to engaging in complex factions' diplomacy, all while attempting to maintain a semblance of normalcy in her everyday life.

After experiencing one of the game's origin stories, Samantha finds herself in the city of Blaston, having been saved by the dominant local authority. In gratitude for her rescue, she agrees to work for this power base as their go-to Fixer, deftly handling sensitive issues through negotiation, stealth, or even subterfuge. As you navigate Samantha's story, you'll face the challenge of influencing Blaston's influential figures and potentially altering the city's fate. Will Samantha rise above and effect positive change, or will she succumb to the corruption and despair that plagues many of Blaston's inhabitants?

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